Resetting for growth


A-Ward’s customer mindset driven to reset transportation operations for the better: 

Growing bulk handling profitably past a pandemic.

A-Ward’s bulk handling products have assisted thousands of customers RESET. Our mindset is based on ensuring growth for our international customers to help them realise their potential.  We know from the daily positive feedback that A-Wards innovative loaders and unloading products used to transport commodities such as grains, sugar, wheat and coffee beans, have been essential in alleviating business operation stress. Business owners and employees have been through a lot of uncertainty over the past 15 months and are finding reassurance knowing they can operate efficiently and safely within the challenging covid environment and produce better future results than they ever thought possible before Covid.  

Organisations and management have faced some difficult strategic decisions. Not since WWII has there been a greater upheaval in the world’s history and the organisation of industry and health.  Therefore, today we place the highest priority on our customers. We are regularly across feedback from around the globe and within different industries to ensure we keep up with new developments that ‘fit’ their bulk handling demands. 

We know that our customers have and continue to experience emotional and technological transformations through all levels of organisation function, from HR to production. In an international environment like today, problem-solving in order to reset direction has never been more crucial to the continuation of the global community. There has been pain on the journey, but through this we learn more. We see incredibly motivated customers who have battle scars yet carry increased empathy, resilience, tolerance, and determination in resetting and planning their business operations. Our customers trust A-Ward’s history of innovation and proven track record. Our innovative country of origin gives us a ‘New and Zeal’ approach for products to create positive and urgent market change, demonstrating IMMEDIATE AND MEASURABLE RESULTS for operations using A-Ward products.

Future growth mindset

Inefficient and unhygienic, traditional transportation structures that handle commodities no longer have a place in our industrial world. Communities rely on A-Wards bulk handling customers to provide the necessities of life.  Thus, the moral obligation by business owners on the direction of operations needs to always think to a future growth mindset that is sustainable and meets regulatory conditions.  In embracing technology and transformation through products such as A-Wards bulk handling loaders and unloading systems customers can legitimately claim to tick all the boxes: profitability, health and safety, efficiency and sustainability (such as the removal of 1-ton bags).    

Covid related scarcity issues and the natural and geopolitical environment have been both a wake-up call and catalyst. A new revolution is on its way as traditional allegiances and brands die out and being replaced by new, intelligent, clean, and efficient ideas. Companies and organisations will need to build a future with more certainty to live alongside a virus to ensure that scarcity of food products does not need to take a negative spin for producers and consumers. Realising the importance of providing basic commodity needs and securing these for everyone on the planet is an area of focus for the pioneers at A-Ward. With a low emphasis on disposable possessions and a high one on basic needs, urgency in profitable and clean delivery is a priority. Efficient and essential hygienic food handling and transportation solutions offered by A-Ward today can help organisations achieve this quickly and with all the custom assistance they need for implementation. We have assisted customers who needed fewer staff operating machines (due to social distancing) but at the same time required maximum volumes to be transported. Our technology also avoids idling vehicles creating excess Co2, wasted revenue due to single bags, and the mounting costs of equipment.  

What Drives Us?

The pressure at times has been too much, and A-Wards families are just like yours; we are human too. Within our customers’ primary operations, family units have been torn apart by illness, death, or geographic separation. Humanity has faced some of the most devastating circumstances, which has left some enduring scars on our psyches. The ‘norm’ is no longer as the increased challenges of operating in a Covid environment shifts how organisations make smart capital choices. Ultimately, it is the human face that drives our decisions in creating the right choice and responding for the better during this pandemic. 

We want you to experience what thousands of A-Wards happy customers have already experienced. Like A-Ward, organisations that approach us are usually agile and creative. They thrive by seeking new approaches and products and remain optimistic about positive change within their operations. However, some of them may be a little ZOOM fatigued!