Our Story

Our company is built on innovation, forward thinking and the agility to adapt in an ever-changing world. With unparalleled expertise in creating breakthrough products and services, A-Ward has revolutionized an industry – and the businesses of our customers worldwide.

At the heart of our business is a culture of ideas, collaboration and invention.

We are imagineers, creating a future where precision and engineering come together to deliver groundbreaking new inventions.

Since 2000, we have partnered with thousands of businesses across 50 countries. With our global support partnerships and streamlined sales and manufacturing operations, we revolutionize supply chains and deliver the world’s most innovative bulk handling solutions. We also supply customized individual products and equipment.

We are a team of forward-thinkers, always challenging the status quo and exploring new ways of doing things. We are driven to continually create new, better, more sustainable solutions that enable our customers to save time and money on a daily basis.

Our innovation and solutions have been recognized around the world by numerous awards and accolades.

When you are looking for a partner that thinks about you – talk to us.