Frequently Asked Questions


Please find below answers to the most common questions our customers have asked.

How do you stop damage to the container wall when loading scrap metal?

A-Ward container loaders can be fitted with damage protection sides, ends and if required roof supports. This is to protect the container damage during correct scrap metal loading.

Do you get more product into containers when loading in a vertical 90-degree position?

Yes. Through loading containers tilted at 90 degrees, you get both gravity head pressure compaction, and closing the door at 90 degrees guarantees maximum full container weight every time.

What Is the average loading cycle time?

Excluding variables such as the material transfer time and the truck driver’s ability. A-Wards tilter design works on 30 seconds per corner for locking the container to the frame.  Tilting the unit will take no more than 70 seconds. Therefore, approximate timing is three-to-four-minute preparation for loading, and two to three minutes for tilting down and placing back on the truck.

Can we change the tilt angle?

The tilter is designed to load and unload at any angle. It is controlled via the radio remote control and uses a single button operation. The operator can change or stop/lock the tilter at any time and any position.

How does the truck driver reverse into the tilter frame without damaging it?

Tilters are fitted with a heavy-duty truck wheel guide system for easy truck direction. Most truck drivers are also highly skilled at reversing into tight spots and have no issues. If there are concerns about poor driver ability, we recommend adding external pre-guide wheel guides as an option to align the truck before entering the tilter.

Is the operator safe during container connection locking procedure?

Operators safety is always paramount in A-Ward features and design.  The container connection process removes the use of the operator’s hands being exposed to any danger during the locking and unlocking procedure. This is through one hand operating the single remote and the other on the actuator valve.

Can the A-Ward tilter lift the container directly off a truck, so no hoist is required?

Yes, A-Ward tilters can lift and place containers directly off a truck.   A-Ward has several tilter models. Let us know what your preferred container handling is, including swing lift trailers, combi lifts AKA port straddles as well as reach stackers and we can provide a solution.

How safe is the unit?

All models are designed and independently checked to comply with CE and ISO standards. In addition, hydraulics have a dual back-up safety system. For example, if a hose gets damaged during operation, the safety locks will hold it in place until repaired. 

How long does it take to load a container?

We have clients who are continuously filling 20ft containers as fast as every 8-10minutes, 16 hours per day.

How do you open a bulk loaded container door without material falling on the operator?

The container door can be open and closed with A-Ward’s hydraulic assisted container door arms safely from a distance.

Can I move the tilter to a different area in my yard for loading or unloading product?

Yes you can.  Some tilter models are easily moved using a loader or hoist, avoiding any double handling. A-Ward has some scrap yard customers that move their tilters continuously for individual products to be loaded.

We have an existing integration plant control system; can your solution be integrated into our existing system?

Yes, we can provide an integrated solution by supplying a PLC controlled tilter that can be operated by a central management system if required. A-Ward has found this beneficial for use in integrated factories.

We are looking for a turn-key solution for our complete container unloading project, can you assist us with tilters, transfer system and surge hoppers?

Yes, A-Ward can provide you a full turn-key solution. Please ask for some examples of projects we have done.

We thrive on solving problems others can’t. If you have any further questions, please get in touch.