Efficiency and control for maximum profit

Why choose A-Ward? A-Wards Agri-based technology fulfills key industry specifications such as hygiene, spillage reduction scope requirements, and customised design.

A-Ward products provide:

farm animnals

Animal Feed

A-Ward efficiently helps facilitate the transportation of animal feed, ensuring timely and secure delivery to meet the needs of livestock and support agricultural operations. Containers can also be used as low-cost storage silos to unload DDGS.



A-Ward helps streamline grain transportation, optimising the supply chain and preserving the quality of the grains during transit. The integrity of organic product is sustained and totally sealed within the container in lieu of bulk transportation in the ship hold.

sugar 2


A-Wards advanced efficiency-based technology streamlines the loading process. This increases customers productivity and ensures the integrity of the sugar cargo during shipment due to
minimal handling, in addition to dramatically reducing contamination and packaging.

coffee beans 2

Coffee Beans

A-Wards logistics technology revolutionised the loading of coffee bean containers. The gentle transportation and handling of coffee beans is important to preserve the beans aroma and flavour. A-Ward loading and unloading products can optimise space utilisation while considering all facets of favourable goods transfer.

soy beans

Soya Beans

A-Ward tilters can help the loading of soya bean containers through advanced automation and precision. This ensures reduced labour with efficient and secure handling. This reduced handling helps to safeguard the integrity of the soya beans throughout the transportation process while simultaneously dramatically reducing packaging and risk of contamination.



A-Ward understands what is critical to the corn industry. Reducing handling through smart systems avoids nasty contamination issues while simultaneously obtaining maximum capacity without packaging waste. Due to the seasonal nature of crops, A-Wards products ensure the transport of corn is efficient while maintaining the integrity of the corn.



A-Wards innovative techniques in container loading and unloading products ensure efficient and careful handling. A-Wards tilter design guarantees the preservation of barley quality during shipment by minimising contamination of the husk while simultaneously dramatically reducing packaging and costs.



A-Ward technology helps the rice industry in precision loading and efficiency.  Customers can minimise contamination, handling and dramatically reduce packaging. Preserving the quality of the rice and facilitating its seamless transportation to various destinations is critical.