Re-solving logistics: How a simple principle leads to record efficiencies

For the past 80 odd years, the logistics industry has largely moved raw materials, goods and essential products in the same way. Either a 20ft or 40ft container, loaded onto a ship and transported to every imaginable destination. 

Some of the largest companies and conglomerates are blissfully unaware of the inefficiencies, risk to their workforce , costs, and time lost of the way ‘things have always been done’ . Enter A-Ward, an engineering company founded on the ethos of imagineering, focused on helping companies transform their logistics operation by rethinking the possibilities of the container. 

How? We’ve managed to create a solution that allows for 100% utilization of containers, halving the time to load and unload containers, reducing the number of workers exposed to dangerous working conditions and saving hundreds of tons of packaging bags from ending up in landfills and in our oceans. By Simply tilting containers 90 degrees, our loading systems ensure that raw materials are safely , efficiently and economically loaded and unloaded. Without the risk of contamination. 

Joulie Groupe in France, which is under contract by one of the largest food producers in the world challenged A-Ward to supply a container loading solution to enable 20ft shipping containers to be loaded with coffee beans.

A-Ward worked closely with French bulk material supplier LC Technologies to provide a complete solution for Joulie Groupe. A-Ward supplied a standard 20ft Flat Deck Frame container loader; which is specifically designed to enable container insertion from above using a forklift, crane or reach stacker.

The results were truly astounding. Joulie Groupe was able to load 22 tons of coffee beans into a 20ft container in 10 minutes.By using a standard A-Ward container loader tilted to 90 degrees, Joulie Groupe is able to load maximum weight containers extremely quickly, eliminate spillage, maximize operator safety with the access ladder and platform and minimize labor involved with the process.

We’ve developed solutions for household brands in various industries through forward thinking and the agility to adapt in an ever-changing world.