Stay Ahead of the Regulatory Environment

The regulatory environment has never had as much effect on business operations as it does today.

International organizations in the bulk material handling of commodities are approaching a new era of increased uncertainty. Providing new layers of protection that meet the constantly evolving regulatory and stakeholder standards for handling essential resources can be challenging. This has been accentuated due to the covid pandemic and changes to our natural environment. Extra safety demands that regulators have enforced across various industries, from energy producers to food, can be costly. 

Firms must output increased labour and time to provide safe infrastructures for employees and, most importantly, food hygiene. This is a difficult ask in the current environment. This, combined with administration to implement solutions, can be expensive as designs and new innovations inserted into an operation need to meet extensive and newly enforced regulatory milestones at each point of the design. All of this before any construction or implementation can get the green light. Consequently, this makes any minor setback or another change in capital, logistics or functional design detrimental to profitable business continuity. It is essential to get it right and plan for organization infrastructure to meet future needs. 

Modular designs such as A-Ward’s bulk loaders and unloaders are helping organizations across a range of key resource-intensive industries take the headache out of the time involved in planning and executing individual designs within their operations to meet new regulatory and environmental demands. Solutions for the bulk containerization of commodities such as sugar, grain or plastics have heavily reduced reliance on costly labor and hygiene risks. Added advantages include using technology that has seen thousands of customers remove the use of one-ton bags. Thus safety, profit and sustainable outcomes are equally met. 

Firms are on edge from these pressures, and a common reaction is to act reactively. However, always anticipating or ‘best guessing’ future regulatory change outcomes vs a natural solution for the long term is not a good idea today. Firms that are implementing solutions for long term sustainable outcomes to meet regulation, drive down costs and increase safety are the future firms. A-Ward has innovated a range of products that have revolutionized the bulk handling industry, taking away much of the ‘on the spot’ and costly internal innovation to anticipate future regulatory changes.