Dear FEMSA friends,

We feel your pain. 

Sugar shipping and logistics costs are up over 25% across many of your LATAM bottling plants.

Social distancing when unloading containers can be a huge headache under COVID.

Not to mention the high accident, waste & contamination risks with traditional one ton bag systems.

This internationally award-winning container tilter technology will transform FEMSA logistics with:

  • Total annual savings of over USD $553,383 per site off a $120,000 investment.
  • 3-month pay back
  • Massive environmental savings in plastic waste & energy consumption.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s our promise

  • Two tilter units.
  • One at your sugar supplier. One at your bottling plant.
  • One 6-month test.

We deliver outstanding results. Then we can demonstrate how we have the capacity to replicate these results in any international site you want.

Have a look at the ROI calculation ­­we prepared for you below.
If it makes sense, let’s talk.

Whether you’re in operations, logistics, health & safety, finance or part of the FEMSA Sustainability Strategy team – in 15 minutes we can answer any questions and walk-through a simple FEMSA business case that demonstrates huge upside at every stage of your bulk Sugar logistics process.

If you’re interested, we can also talk about what a test case solution for your plant could look like.

No obligation. No hard sell.

Drop me a line with your details below and I’ll get back. 



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George Chavez
CEO A-Ward International