When they ask for a horse.

If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses” – Henry Ford 

Have you ever been asked for a faster horse by some of your customers? Because we have.

One of our customers needed a solution for a very specific problem. They were transporting dry bulk materials from a port to a temporary warehouse located 10 km away using expensive tipping trailers. They quickly realized that this process was creating a lot of dust on the roads, so they invested in tarps to cover the loads. Installing the tarps at the loading point and removing them at the destination resulted in very time consuming and low-value activities. They needed to find a better way to place and remove the tarps from their tipping trailers. Yes, they wanted a faster horse. 

After analysing the complete process, the team and I at A-Ward realised that they needed a car not a faster horse. 

 We suggested the following process, which almost looks too simple: 

           Step #1: Load the dry bulk material at the port directly into a 20ft container (this is a high-density material)

           Step #2: Transport the container to the warehouse using a standard low-cost platform 

           Step #3: Store the bulk material in the container at the warehouse 

           Step #4: When needed, transport the container to the final point of use and unload the dry bulk material directly from the container. 

The solution

At the loading point: Use an A-Ward 20 ft container tilter with a digital scale to always fill the container at the maximum capacity allowed. 

At the point of use: Use an A-Ward container tilter to unload the material directly to the hopper or the transferring system. 

As a result, the customer could reduce their logistics costs by 30%, and no horses would be required. 

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