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A-Wards innovative systems allow for 100% clean, safe and efficient container utilization. Our machines eliminate virus and infection risk from humans or animals at the point of loading and unloading of your materials.

Today’s challenging environment means more than ever businesses like Coke-Cola, Heineken, Pirelli, Cargill, Unilever and thousands more are making A-Wards technology advantages a priority. With the known impacts that can be experienced due to the devastating effects of material contamination, leading to business closure, solutions are needed and, A-Ward can help.

The unique and innovative range of shipping container loading and unloading products fit today’s tough operating environment. Proven results with zero waste, faster movement of goods, increased container weights of hygienic materials moved in an enclosed system. This all adds up to greater ROI and thousands of happy international customers.

A-Wards customers’ needs are important to us and we work hard to ensure they receive the best fit solution, either custom or standard with full after sales support, both virtually and in country.

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“Thank you George, we were glad to work with such a valuable and honourable business partner like A-Ward”.
A-Ward customer, Alejandro Esparza,
Logistics and Purchasing Director for Envases Universales, the major PET bottle provider for Coke

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