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Car tyres are a big issue for our environment. They are made from non-biodegradable materials, such as rubber, synthetic fibres, and steel. Improper disposal in landfills can lead to soil and water pollution. Recycling helps conserve the environment by reducing the volume of waste and pollution. In addition, tyres contain valuable resources such as rubber and steel. Recycling allows these materials to be reclaimed and reused in the manufacturing of new products, reducing the need for virgin resources.

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A major car tyre recycling enterprise approached A-Ward™ to help them solve efficiency issues in loading shipping containers. Forklifts and other equipment had been traditionally utilised to horizontally load used tyres into 40 ft shipping containers. However, this method had proven to be highly inefficient, taking several hours to load just one container. As the demand for shipping capacity grew, this slow-loading process had become a significant bottleneck for the business. The objective was to streamline operations and achieve the goal of loading one 40 ft container per hour.


Following a thorough analysis of the customer’s containers loading process, A-Ward suggested the implementation of a standard 40ft Universal Loader with a maximum tilting angle of 50 degrees. The unit included a digital scale to provide real-time information on the load. This in turn could eliminate the need to do inefficient manual weight adjustments. The container tilter was also provided with an electric power pack and a remote control, enabling a single person to operate it from a safe distance.


  • Faster loading to achieve efficiency outcomes, (under one hour per container)
  • Reduced equipment required (no forklifts or bobcats required, and the unloader can directly handle containers form the trailer.)
  • Increased safety utilising A-Wards single operator remote control 
  • Increased profitability with manual load adjustments on the containers eliminated.