Coal – TIS Group

Ukraine’s largest dry port TIS Group maximizes all 20ft container weights when loading coal and grain using their A-Ward container loader.

Location: Ukraine
Equipment: 20ft Universal Frame 90 degree container
Industry: Mining - Coal


TIS Group in Ukraine challenged A-Ward and A-Ward distributor MHM Ukraine to supply a solution to enable 20ft shipping containers to be loaded with variable size and density materials.Currently the two materials are coal and grain with these materials positioned at different locations at the port.TIS Group is Ukraine’s largest dry cargo port which specializes in handling coal, grain, fertilizers and ore.The container loader is required to load grain during the August grain export season and then be moved around the site to load coal and other bulk materials during the grain off-season.This container loader would also enable TIS group to take advantage of the relative low cost of exporting dry bulk goods in containers (due to Ukraine being a net importer of containerized goods).


A-Ward and MHM Ukraine supplied a 20ft Universal Frame 90 degree container loader with standard options to TIS Group; which suits loading with their existing Sennebogen 835 material handling machine.This container loader is specifically designed to enable container insertion with trailers.A-Ward also provided a number of accessories including digital scale, hands free remote control, hydraulic door opening and closing arms and diesel power pack.


Ukraine’s largest dry port TIS Group maximizes all 20ft container weights when loading coal and grain.By using a Universal A-Ward container loader, TIS Group is able to load containers extremely quickly and minimize labor involved with the process.The digital scale also enables the operators to know exactly how much weight is in each container at any time during the loading process to ensure that the maximum loads are achieved for variable products and container weight limits.The container loader wheels enable easy movement around the port.