The Sale & Quality Process

Businesses around the world choose A-Ward equipment because of the integrity of our products and on-going service.
A-Ward’s pre-sales process has been designed to deliver your A-Ward equipment on time, on budget, and exactly as requested. This process involves:



Our Technical Sales Team Provides The Best Solution For You

A-Ward’s design and sales team will work together to fully understand your needs, and provide a solution to suit.

You Place your Order

Following consultation with A-Ward’s sales team, your order is entered into A-Ward sales system.

Pre-Production Team Approval

Your order and all correspondence are complied into a special Q.A. document. This document is then approved by sales, design, production and commercial.

We Provide General Assembly Drawings

A-Ward provides you detailed design drawings of your equipment, for your approval and sign-off.

We start Production

In order to fast-track delivery, we get production underway immediately upon receiving your order. All orders have several Q.A. gate checks during manufacturing.

Your Equipemnt is Built to Finished Stage

The typical timeframe, from initial order to finished build, is between 8-12 weeks. Highly-customized orders may take up to 20 weeks.

Final Q.A. Testing

All products are fully checked and tested to A-Ward’s high global standards. Final factory approval is completed by the installation technician.