Ongoing Care, Maintenance & Safety

Customers all over the world choose A-Ward equipment because of the integrity of our brand.

Firstly, A-Ward equipment is designed and built for a longer, stronger life. (For instance, our MiSlide™ loader/unloader is designed with a patented single-stage ram, instead of the other brands telescopic ram that wears more easily and is expensive to replace).

Secondly, we stand behind our products. All A-Ward equipment comes with a 12-month warranty on replacement parts. In addition, the A-Ward Certificate of Fitness (COF) program ensures your equipment is kept in optimal working order.

A-ward Certificate Of Fitness (Cof)

Every 12 months, an A-Ward technician can complete an on-site “fitness check”, and issue you with a current Certificate of Fitness. If any replacement parts and/or servicing is required, we will organize this for you. The safety of your staff is A-Ward’s number one priority. We find that our trained technician know how to identify potential risks through a fresh set of eye’s. For your convenience, A-Ward will keep records of your maintenance schedule in our database, which you can access at anytime. We will also keep you informed on any equipment upgrades and new innovations as they become available.

Benefits Of The A-ward Cof Program

  • Regular preventative maintenance ensures a longer working life for your equipment.
  • Saves you money – as any small issues will be fixed before they turn into more costly problems.
  • Keeps your equipment in constant working order, and avoids downtime/business disruption.
  • Improves your Health & Safety/accident prevention, by ensuring your equipment is safely maintained.
  • Provides a simple, no-hassle maintenance schedule; where we take care of everything for you.

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