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JMC Recycling supplies a complete range of new and reconditioned equipment from leading worldwide manufacturers for the scrap metal industry in the UK.

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JMC’s customers wanted to efficiently load scrap metal into 20ft shipping containers while prioritising operator safety and minimising the expensive cost of container damage. To address these challenges, JMC engaged A-Ward, seeking their expertise in providing a suitable solution.


A-Ward created the revolutionary Scrappa™ container loader.  To meet customer objectives, this machine was specifically built and tested to withstand the tough environment of the scrap metal industry.  The new Scrappa™ was equipped with live digital scales, a ladder for easy access, a platform and a side compression system to prevent container damage.


  • Increased loading efficiency: The Scrappa™ enabled a faster and more streamlined loading process.  This efficiency translated into increased operational capacity, thus, higher profits per container for JMC customers.
  • Enhanced health and safety: The remote control only requires a single operator working at a safe distance.
  • Prevention of container damage: The enforced side compression system meant JMC’s customers successfully eliminated the risk of expensive container damage fees.