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Plastic Resin

Plastic Resin

Leading Plastic Bottle Manufacturer

This leading plastic bottle manufacturer serves major bottling plants in Mexico such as Coca Cola to achieve a wide range of soft plastic bottle types. Plastic water bottle manufacturing plays a significant role in providing convenient and portable hydration solutions to people around the world. Plastic resins, especially polyethylene terephthalate (PET), are versatile materials that can be moulded into various forms and shapes.

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The Mexican based bottle manufacturer requested assistance from A-Ward to minimize logistics and expenses associated with transporting large quantities of PET resin. Their existing method involved costly tankers, which proved inefficient. Unloading each tanker took more than two hours and involved a noisy process, with the pump operating at high RPM levels using the truck engine. The proposed solution was to replace these tankers with 20 ft shipping containers, transporting the resin in bulk with the aid of liners. However, a more efficient unloading system for these containers was needed.


After a comprehensive assessment of the customer’s unloading needs, A-Ward suggested the implementation of a standard 20ft Universal Unloader. This unit had the capability to tilt shipping containers up to 70 degrees, facilitating seamless connection to the existing transfer system. To enhance accuracy, the unit was equipped with a digital scale, enabling the customer to verify the precise weight of the received resin and eliminating the possibility of inventory discrepancies. Moreover, the equipment came with a remote control and an electric power pack, leading to a substantial reduction in noise levels.


  • Fast unloading (under 45 minutes per container)
  • Increased safety utilising A-Wards single operator remote control 
  • Resing weight per container can be accurately measured using the integrated digital scales.