20ft Container
Plastic Resin
North America

Plastic Resin

Coca Cola

Coke products are sold in over 200 countries worldwide, with consumers drinking more than 1.8 billion beverage servings each day. Coca-Cola increased profitability by unloading PET resin directly from an A-Ward unloader.

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Coca-Cola operations needed to remain efficient and profitable to enable a switch from purchasing PET domestically to importing PET in 20ft containers. Coca-Cola sourced PET locally, which was delivered via rail and trucks. This method was labour-intensive and time consuming to unload increasing costs. A container unloader solution was required to receive full 20ft containers from standard North American tractor trailer units. It would then need to tilt the containers to an angle of 50 degrees to unload the PET resin.


A-Ward supplied a semi customised 20ft Universal Frame container unloader to Coca-Cola. The customisation included making a minor alteration to the design so that the shipping container floor would remain at least 33inches (841mm) from the ground when tilted at 50 degrees (ensuring integration with their Caretex material distribution box). A-Ward also provided several accessories including hands free remote control, hydraulic door opening and closing arms and an electric power pack.


The new A-Ward™ container unloader helped provide a competitive edge to Coca-Cola’s operations. 

This was achieved through:

  • New technology that could significantly decrease unloading time from two and a half hours to one hour per load.   
  • A semi customised container unloader which reduced trucking and transportation expenses. 
  • Reduced number of personnel for unloading Increased safety with a hands-free remote control allowing operation from a safe distance.