20ft Container
New Zealand

Food & Beverage

Heinz Wattie’s

Heinz Wattie’s is a New Zealand based food producer of frozen and packaged fruit, vegetables, sauces, baby food, cooking sauces, dressings and pet foods. Associated brands by Kraft Heinz aside from Heinz and Wattie’s include Gregg’s, Kraft, F. Whitlock & Sons, and Golden Circle. Heinz Wattie’s is the main New Zealand subsidiary of the global Kraft Heinz food and beverage company.

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Heinz Wattie’s needed to import sugar in 20ft containers. A-Wards design and consultative team were tasked to build a customised container unloader. The priority for Heinz Wattie’s was being able to switch from purchasing sugar domestically, to importing sugar in 20ft containers. The problem Heinz Wattie’s had was a product that could remedy the height issue, needed to meet a 20ft container.A customised container unloader was required to receive full 20ft containers from swing lift trailers at a height of 1.35m. It then needed to be able to rise horizontally to a height of 2.6m, to align and integrate with the GEA Nu-Con material distribution box. From here it would then tilt to up to 50 degrees via an integrated PLC system to unload the sugar. The design also had to enable the container doors to be manually unlatched when in the low position, without interfering with the safety fence.


To solve the height to loading problem, A-Ward™ designed and built a highly customised Raise and Tilt Flat Deck container unloader. This new unloader hydraulically lifts the container up 1.2m and forward 2m simultaneously.  In addition, this solution provides enough room for the operator to walk safely between the container doors and material distribution box. The container doors can also be manually unlatched when in the low horizontal position. From this, the PLC system then kicks in to control the raising and tilting. Further to these design safety features, the container unloader has a series of nine Allen Bradley safety switches which are integrated to ensure total control and safety whilst being operated via the PLC programmer.


  • Increased speed of operations 
  • Design efficiencies enhancing profit margins.
  • Maximum operator safety
  • Reduction of labour
  • Removal of all truck waiting costs