20ft Container
Soap Powder
New Zealand



Unilever is the largest producer of personal care, home care, nutrition and food products available in 190 countries. Some of these popular brands include, Dove, Ben and Jerrys, and Persil and Surf soap powders.

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Unilever challenged A-Ward to design and build a customised container unloader. They aimed to eliminate the use of cubic metre bags to transport soap powder and instead load it into 20ft containers with a single liner. The project required setting up the loading factory in Thailand and two unloading factories in Australia and New Zealand. The unloading system had to integrate with a special hopper, with set angles, maximum discharge limit, and safety protocols.


A-Ward worked with Unilever to compile a design that met all their requirements. A-Ward supplied a 20ft Tilt and Raise container unloader with a special 3.2 metre long XXX steel track-mounted hopper. This system lifts the container to a set height above the ground, allowing an area for the hopper to handle the full container load when at a 70-degree tilt angle.  This system does not require special transportation. It can hold the fully loaded container in an elevated position for extended periods, while incorporating a weight scale system. The container doors are manually unlatched, plus easy access was provided to open the internal container liner when in a horizontal position.   Additionally, a specially designed XXX safety sensor system with self-diagnostics is contained within the unit. The sensor system was coupled with the hydraulic locking system to achieve the highest level of safety.


  • Improved transport efficiency by 80%. 
  • Operator safety was maximized through handheld remote technology utilizing reduced labour resources. 
  • Full flexibility to unload as fast or as slow as required without incurring any additional cost. 
  • A-Ward removed several bulk handling steps while eliminating chances of product spill and keeping perfect particle distribution.