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Interstate Commodities has dramatically reduced shipping costs by loading 55,000lbs of soybeans into 20ft shipping containers.


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Interstate Commodities in North America challenged A-Ward to supply a container loader to enable the company to switch from exporting soybeans in 40ft containers to 20ft containers, whilst maximizing load weights.

This container loader was required to eliminate dust problems caused by many horizontal-loading systems.

The design also had to incorporate a trade-certified scale system to weigh the shipping containers during the loading process, to ensure maximum loading efficiency.



A-Ward supplied a 20ft Short Rear Frame container loader which picks the empty container off the chassis, tilts it to 90 degrees to be filled with soybeans, and then lowers it back onto the chassis for shipping.

This container loader integrates with the TAM Systems grain elevator tower, which is capable of transferring up to 55,000 pounds of soybeans into a container in about 10 minutes.

A-Ward also provided a number of accessories including hands free remote control for one-man operation, safe access ladder and platform and a high-speed 30kw electric power pack.



Interstate Commodities has dramatically reduced shipping costs by loading 55,000lbs of soybeans into 20ft containers with their A-Ward container loader.

This has been possible by loading their 20ft containers tilted to 90 degrees, therefore utilization the entire capacity of each shipping container.

Loading at 90 degrees also results in up to 6% material compaction further maximizing load weights.

Dust problems associated with blowers have been eliminated resulting in a safer and cleaner operation.

The integrated trade-certified scale system enables containers to be weighed during the loading process, ensuring the correct target weight is achieved first time every time.

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