Demolition – Frews Demolition

“The quality of A-Ward attachment products has never let us down” Hamish Frew, Managing Director, Frews Demolition.

Location: Christchurh
Equipment: Grapple and Pulverizer Jaws
Industry: Demolition - Waste


Frews are experts in demolition and salvage.The recent Christchurch earthquakes brought Frews a boom in business but obviously many challenges as well.“The earthquakes have been good for day to day business – but it is still surreal.There is a lot of loss and it is not easy knowing you are dealing with someone’s house” says Hamish Frew.“Every big aftershock sets things back and also makes you think about the environment you are putting your staff into”.


A-Ward supplied Grapple and Pulverizer Jaws to Frews Demoliton for waste separation and controlled demolition.One of Frews current contracts is to demolish the old part of Christchurch airport.Rules about disposable waste means that Frews is encouraged to separate waste in order to minimise dumping costs and, of course, for environmental reasons.This led them to purchasing A-Ward excavator attachments.“Buckets don’t cut it” Frew says.“The reason we switched to grapples was because the alternative, a thumb, seemed ineffective and prone to being destroyed with the type of work we are currently doing.The Grapple is much more applicable for this type of work”.Frews use a couple of A-Ward’s Pulverizer Jaws along with an extensive A-Ward Grapple Jaw range for all of their machines from 5 ton excavators right through to 35 ton.


The result Frews has gained from employing A-Ward products is that the jobs have become much easier, efficient and saves them significant amounts in dump fees – which obviously has a positive impact on their bottom line.Frew says “Our company has now become more of a specialist demolition company – and we achieved this because we have the right tools with A-Ward products”.