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More Profitable Bulk Handling

A-Ward helps Managers who are concerned about inefficiencies caused by the way their bulk materials are currently being loaded or unloaded in containers.

In recent projects, A-Ward clients have achieved a 28% average cost savings while also eliminating all safety issues.

How Much Could You Save?

Find out how much you could potentially save by assessing your bulk handling efficiency now.


FIlter By

Unilever has improved their base soap powder shipping efficiency by 80% and reduced their handling stage and cost by 50%.
FoodAgriculture - Coffee - 01_1
Joulie Groupe is able to load 22 tons of coffee beans into a 20ft container in 10 minutes using their A-Ward container loader.
Food Agriculture Industry - Grain - 03_1
Interstate Commodities has dramatically reduced shipping costs by loading 55,000lbs of soybeans into 20ft shipping containers.
Food Agriculture Industry - Sugar - 04_1
Heinz Wattie’s has increased profitability by hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by importing and handling containerized sugar directly.
Minerals Industry - Coal - 01_1
Ukraine’s largest dry port TIS Group maximizes all 20ft container weights when loading coal and grain using their A-Ward container loader.
Minerals Industry - Steel Balls - 01_1
Transmin’s nickel processing customer eliminates all safety risks with their A-Ward ball mill ball container unloaders.
Plastic Resin - Coca-Cola - 02_1
Coca-Cola has significantly increased profitability by importing and handing containerized PET resin directly using their A-Ward container unloader.
Recycling Industry - Demolition - 01_1
“The quality of A-Ward attachment products has never let us down” Hamish Frew, Managing Director, Frews Demolition.
Recycling Industry - Ferrous Scrap Meta - Sims - 02_1
When global scrap prices are high, Sims is able to load and export 500 tons of scrap per day into 20ft shipping containers using a single A-Ward container loader.
Recycling Industry - Ferrous Scrap Metal - OneSteel - 01_1
OneSteel Recycling has increased profitability by hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by downsizing scrap metal quickly with their Taurus stationary shear baler.
Recycling Industry - Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal - 01_2
Capral Aluminium has significantly increased profitability by loading and exporting their scrap aluminium directly with their A-Ward horizontal container loader.
Recycling Industry - NW Papakura - 02_1
With New World Papakura purchasing Bramidan X50 and the B3 balers, an additional 13.8 square meters of warehouse floor space has been created.
Recycling Industry - PnS GI - 01_1
The Store Manager has stated “The baler is very easy to use and has proved to be very efficient, what’s more is the staff have taken to it very positively and it will pay its self-off in no time”.
Recycling Industry - PnS Lin Road - 04_1
The cardboard & plastic recycled bales are now a major profit income for Pak n Save Lincoln Road’s business.
Nestle has revolutionized their barley supply chain with their A-Ward Container unloading system, not only reducing cost but also dramatically improving their hygienic working environment.
The A-Ward 40ft Tilt and Raise Container Unloader system allowed their container to be emptied outside, saving in warehouse costs.
A-Ward’s resin unloading system meant no warehousing set up costs were required. The system reduced their labor, shipping and handling costs to the bare minimum.
Sita-Suez built a brand new Waste to Energy plant in Wilton, UK where waste came to the plant via train in 20ft containers. A-Ward provided a customised automatic unloading system that moved and unloaded the waste from the train to the internal pit.