Plastics Industry

Improve The Process, Improve The Environment

A-Ward has a massive commitment to the environment and the planet. Our unique packaging equipment is designed to minimize packaging and maximize container volumes. It is this revolutionary business innovation and environment consciousness that defines A-Wards DNA and a leader in the industry.

A-Ward continues to work with industry leaders to:

Plastic REsin

Plastic resin producers (including polymers such as PET resin) maximize container weights and ensure material is contamination-free when using an A-Ward container loader to load shipping containers.

When loading resin into tilted-up shipping containers using a single container liner bag contamination problems associated with handling many small bags are avoided.

Resin users are able to unload shipping containers extremely quickly using an A-Ward container unloader with a single container liner bag.

Other benefits to resin users include significantly reduced labor, being able to unload resin directly from the container into the storage hopper and minimizing contamination associated with handling many small bags on wooden pallets.


Ferrous Scrap Metal - Sims Pacific Metals

When global scrap prices are high, Sims is able to load and export 500 tons of scrap per day into 20ft shipping containers using a single A-Ward container loader.

Scrap Aluminium - Capral Aluminium

Capral Aluminium has significantly increased profitability by loading and exporting their scrap aluminium directly with their A-Ward horizontal container loader.


Interstate Commodities has dramatically reduced shipping costs by loading 55,000lbs of soybeans into 20ft shipping containers.


Ukraine’s largest dry port TIS Group maximizes all 20ft container weights when loading coal and grain using their A-Ward container loader.