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Less Contamination By Less Handling

A-Ward assists food growers to improve ‘getting produce to market’ with a range of highly sophisticated equipment. As a market leader, in transportation and handling innovation, A-Ward’s high yield food handling systems manage bulk foods such as coffee, grains, soy beans and sugar. We can create a turn-key solution that improves the entire process of meeting production. Talk to our professional team about your requirements – We will become your ‘trusted advisors’.

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Some of the world’s leading grain companies choose A-Ward equipment to optimize their freight efficiencies. Our MiTiltTM loaders ensure maximized weights for every container load; as well faster, more accurate unloading – without the need for expensive on-site tilting trailers. Loading grain using a MiTilt™ loader improves your grain shell (husk) quality and helps create a high-value end product.

Solutions include:

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In the coffee industry, global markets are demanding more specialized products and larger lot sizes. To provide this flexibility in their supply chain, sellers and producers need sophisticated handling equipment to match.

MiTilt™ container loaders allow you to load more quickly – and maximize container weights – by eliminating the need for numerous small sacks. Likewise the unloading process is efficient and labor-saving, requiring just a single operator. For further efficiencies, MiTilt™ will unload coffee beans directly into storage silos.

Solutions include:

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Malting Grain

A number of global brewing companies prefer to use A-Ward equipment, for both domestic and export transport. Our innovative vertical loaders fill up to 30% more product per container; while our automated container loading and unloading systems ensure cleaner, contaminant-free handling.

A-Ward has provided breweries with innovative solutions that help them to meet the highest levels of hygiene. For instance, to avoid bird and rodent issues, we provide additional frame plating to minimize areas where hops can build up.

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  • No case study but have working in several Heineken factories


Sugar’s high-density properties make it the ideal product for A-Ward’s innovative tilting loader. As well as loading more product volume per container than competitors, our vertical loading method improves sugar quality and reduces dust particles. De-crystallization problems (caused by blowers and conveyors) are completely eliminated.

The unloading process is also contamination-free; with our MiTilt™ unloaders and purpose- designed flexi-bags. For further efficiencies, MiTilt™ will unload sugar directly into storage silos – and all done via a single operator.

Solutions include:

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  • Surin Sugar
    Malayan Sugar Manufacturing Co/Heinz Watties


Scrap Aluminium - Capral Aluminium

Capral Aluminium has significantly increased profitability by loading and exporting their scrap aluminium directly with their A-Ward horizontal...

Pet Resin - Coca Cola

Coca-Cola has significantly increased profitability by importing and handing containerized PET resin directly using their A-Ward container unloader.


Ukraine’s largest dry port TIS Group maximizes all 20ft container weights when loading coal and grain using their A-Ward container loader.

Ferrous Scrap Metal - Sims Pacific Metals

When global scrap prices are high, Sims is able to load and export 500 tons of scrap per day into 20ft shipping containers using a single A-Ward container loader.