Agriculture Industry

Efficiency And Control For Maximum Profit

With greater containerization, A-Ward provides efficient loading and unloading capabilities. Through decreasing time costs and handling procedures, faster access can be gained to key markets. In addition, A-Wards bulk handling products ensure compliance standards such as hygiene and safety are fully met. A-Ward also can provide customized solutions for operations with specific requirements.

We will customize a perfect solution for your business that will:


Our revolutionary horizontal loader is the safer, more accurate way to handle your logs or palletized timber. The MiSlide™ gives you faster, damage-free loading; and more accurate positioning for a secure load in transit.

Fast container loading times of less than five minutes, combined with proven technology delivers streamlined operations on-site, and generate valuable efficiencies across your supply chain.

Solutions include:


Looking for a safer, more cost-efficient way to containerize your bio-fuel? Our MiTilt™  loading solutions will both maximize your container volumes and streamline your supply chain.

This technology also safeguards your product – by reducing the risks of contamination or moisture during handling and transit. Amongst the many benefits, MiTilt™ also delivers reduced labor costs and storage efficiencies during the unloading process.

Solutions include:


Coffee - Joulie Groupe

Joulie Groupe is able to load 22 tons of coffee beans into a 20ft container in 10 minutes using their A-Ward container loader.


Interstate Commodities has dramatically reduced shipping costs by loading 55,000lbs of soybeans into 20ft shipping containers.