Increase Profits And Yield Per Shipment

A-Ward’s award winning MiSlide™ horizontal container loader operation will assure:


the MiSlide™ horizontal container loader with its patented shotgun ram technology is a world-first. an accelerated engineering system smoothly transfers material into a waiting trailer or container in less than five minutes. designed to load anything from heavy-gauge materials (that cannot be loaded into a tilted container), through to lightweight material, the MiSlide™ is versatile and efficient.

the MiSlide™ is ideal for:

  • Loading both 40ft or 20ft containers to maximum capacity.
  • Loading a range of materials, including: light gauge and hms steel, non-ferrous materials, baled plastics, rubbish and waste, recycled paper, woods and logs, palletized goods, and more. for other types of materials, see industries.

how it works

To transfer the load, the truck reverses and the shipping container encapsulates the loading chamber until it reaches the end. a 12-foot hydraulic cylinder is then used to transfer the load into the container. as the load is transferred, the truck is gently pushed forward by trapping the load inside the container, leaving the chamber behind.

Watch MiSlide™ in action.


fast and user-friendly

Mislide’s loading chamber smoothly transfers a full load directly into a shipping container in less than five minutes. with no waiting time, your people, equipment and trucks can all work at 100% productivity.

more accurate loading

Conventional container loading involves tricky maneuvering – but mislidetm uses hydraulic alignment control to effortlessly align the chamber box to the truck. 

smaller footprint, greater capacity

MiSlide™ takes up less yard space than other container loaders. it also holds five percent more materials than others, utilizing every possible inch of space.

maximum weight, minimal waste

With MiSlide’s greater loading accuracy, you’ll instantly reduce spillage rates. it also eliminates double-handling by weighing every load before it’s transferred to the container.

engineered for safety

A-Ward’s intelligent remote control system allows a single operator to complete the loading, weighing and transfer – all from the safety of the controller’s cab.

designed tougher

MiSlide™ is designed and built to take the knocks. curved chamber walls provide greater strength and minimize any container damage. while others use horizontal telescopic rams (which wear out quickly and are costly to replace), our patented, single stage rams have fewer moving parts and a longer life.


want to do even more with your mitilt™ optional extras include:

  • Bale Compactor
    A-Ward’s unique bale compactor unit turns unruly loads into high-density, shredder-friendly bales. Container space is maximized, shipping costs reduced.
  • Enclosed compactor
    Our 40ft enclosed compactor is designed for improved handling of rubbish and recycling. This fully-enclosed unit creates a single, compacted 25 ton bale for safe and streamlined management of waste.
  • Smaller chamber box
    The MiSlide™ chamber box can also be ordered in a space-saving 20ft length which utilizes a single transfer ram. This shorter box design loads 20ft containers only.
  • High cube container sides
    Increase the height and capacity of your A-Ward loading chamber with these side-extensions.
  • Larger power packs, diesel or electric
    Get the job done faster by adding extra diesel or electric power to your MiSlide™ equipment.

For more information and technical specs, download our brochure on the right side to see all options.

customized solutions:

In addition to the standard MiSlide™ products, we have developed a range of options to streamline bulk material handling for specific industries. If you have specific needs, talk to us about how we will work with you to customize a package to suit.


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