Inventions that Changed the World

Relentless invention is part of our DNA. It’s what sets A-Ward apart and has fuelled the transformation of the bulk handling industry worldwide.

For example:

  • New Raise and Tilt container unloading technology allow easy door opening and variable height material unloading to existing and above ground structure.
  • A-Ward’s Tilt and Raise design variation provides stable low cost container tilting to set raised heights
  • Our patented MiTilt container technology uses gravity to turn wasted space and labour into extra time and money
  • The MiSlide pre-loading chamber revolutionized container loading, enabling a shipping container to be loaded in less than five minutes
  • A-Ward’s patented two-stage rams have fewer moving parts, a longer life and save you money on servicing and downtime

Since Simon Ward invented the world’s first container tilter in 2006 we have created a global team and philosophy devoted to: continuously raising the bar through innovation.

This innovation and continuous improvement is ingrained in our design, operations and technical teams around the world.

While today, we use state of the art tools and technologies to deliver, it is our unrivalled thinking and passion for innovation which continues to set us apart.