Equipment supply or fully-integrated solutions


How we work

Whether you’re looking for individual components or a fully scoped and delivered bulk materials solution our global network will deliver. We run a robust, transparent process and have a reputation for delivering on-time and within budget, anywhere in the world.

1. Equipment and product supply

Our regional team will advise on the optimal combination of either off-the-shelf or customized matrix design container loading and unloading equipment. With over 100 specialized options and add-ons, we will provide the right equipment for your job – or we’ll invent it.

See all A-Ward products.

2. Fully-integrated solutions

Our team will work alongside your organization to design and deliver a solution for your specific industry and market. This includes anything from customized container handling equipment to a fully scoped and integrated end-to-end solution.

See our integrated solutions.

Industry depth

Regardless of which compounds you’re handling, A-Ward has an unrivaled depth of industry experience and capability. For many years we’ve worked with the unique properties and highly-specialized requirements of diverse compounds and materials.  

Our experience includes:

  • Preserving the structure and quality of delicate products like sugar and soap powder particles
  • Reducing dust emissions of granular products
  • Safely and cleanly managing industrial materials like coal and scrap 
  • Complying with health and contamination issues of foodstuffs 
  • Enabling the continuous flow of stock to optimize efficiency and while still being profitable

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