Customized and Integrated Solutions

While others take a one-size-fits-all approach, A-Ward tailors a solution to your specific needs and circumstances.

Before we begin any project, we work with you to understand factors that impact your business, for example: the nature of materials you handle; plant health and safety; compliance; climate considerations and Key Performance Indicators.

Based on this robust needs-identification process, we design and deliver the most effective, cost-efficient long-term solutions.

Using a combination of our own bulk handling equipment, technologies, IP and partnerships with proven suppliers, we’ll work with you to create an end-to-end solution which is:

  • Agile and responsive
  • Responsible to KPIs and payback requirements
  • Deliverable on time and within budget
  • Focused on driving commercial success
  • Scalable as your requirements grow and change




You share your unique business landscape and parameters. We share our learnings with similar products and customers.


Analyze and Invent

Working from our mutually-agreed design scope, we use state of the art virtual tools and predictive analysis to model, analyze and prototype your solution.


Clear process and communication are critical. From initial drawings to individual project management protocol we track, monitor and communicate progress. This includes full compliance, health and safety, budget, risk and KPI analysis through every step of the process.

Test and Build

We run an agile operation with scalable resource. This enables us to quickly schedule production and complete the build phase more efficiently than most. Before any equipment leaves our plant, it is vigorously tested in conditions which far exceed normal industrial limits.

Install and Support

Once installed, our team of perfectionists will continue working with you to improve your complete supply chain process. We’ll pro-actively advise on new design recommendations, adjustments and improvements to keep your plant running at its absolute optimum.

Continuous Improvement

Our global support network teams work with you to help sustain the value of your asset, refining, optimizing and monitoring your bulk handling requirements to keep your business running at full strength. This includes regular servicing programs and an annual Certificate of Fitness inspection. During this inspection we also evaluate safety and identify areas for improvement or upgrading.