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Engineering Consulting Services

A-Ward provides engineering consulting services to many industries including the scrap metal, chemical, polymer, food and mineral industries. Our customers want to focus on their business and want a partner to deliver a value added solution that solves their issues.

We focus on companies who distribute products that are dry and free-flowing in nature to be safely handled and transported in bulk form using ISO standard 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers. Our unique MiTiltTM and MiSlideTM products revolutionize the time and safe loading and unloading of content as well as maximizing the load capacity per container.

We create dynamic efficiencies and cost savings for both clients and their customers via the introduction of a more automated product handling process in conjunction with unique transportation concepts. Our engineers work with customers to provide the optimal solution for their specific requirements.

At A-Ward, we work with our clients to ‘rethink’ how the components of their business come together and how we can provide more innovative solutions when loading and unloading their products.

Recognized for our professional approach and cost effective service, our solutions and recommendations achieve the highest standards of safety and environmental protection for our client’s workplace.


Our scope of services covers three main areas:

  • Logistics Consulting - we work with clients to ensure that we understand their customer’s requirements and address every need on the project for managing large bulk content efficiently and effectively.
  • Load Optimization - with our extensive industry knowledge and expertise, we assist the customer to manage the load per container more effectively using MiTiltTM or MiSlideTM solutions - specifically we ensure these systems are designed with the right specifications and are competitively priced.
  • Supply of Material Handling Systems - via our extensive industry contacts we are able to supply the components and equipment needed to convey the product directly from the container to a storage facility (silo) - our solutions are designed to reduce space, time, and cost of loading and unloading containers.

Following all project installations, our team is in contact with the customer to ensure the smooth operations are exceeding their client expectations.

A full training session is conducted on site once the equipment and manuals are delivered. This process ensures that all staff are fully aware of the operations of the equipment and components prior to final sign off of the installation. Our team works to ensure all components and equipment are functioning to the clients requirements.

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