A-Ward created a solution that would permanently change the game

A-Ward Story

For over two decades, we’ve strived to solve practical problems while contributing to a clean and productive environment

A-Ward helps organisations across multiple industries improve profitability and efficiencies by eliminating transportation waste.

We have successfully produced a range of ground-breaking, award-winning technology, and our products have transformed the movement of goods across the industries they perform in.

In addition, their unique sustainable benefits have supported the best environmental practices to meet new regulatory compliance. 

Supporting intuitive thinking and robust research

This ethos leads our approach to planning, design and execution of new innovative products. A genuine curiosity means our team of engineers does not just conceive new ideas, but these become an organic response to problems associated with a changing global environment.

We are committed to staying informed on world events such as food and energy security and how these impact our customers.

This drives us to explore and create and create permanent solutions to upcoming problems such as:


Unnecessary product packaging


Inefficient transportation

food safety

Food hygiene

safe work conditions

Unsafe working environments

profitable company

Impacts on organisation profitability


Maximising the utilisation of resources


Unsustainable energy use

We are dedicated to helping you achieve your business ROI