Our Founder

Simon Ward is regarded as the world’s lead innovator and change-maker in the bulk handling industry.

He has an unrivalled breadth and depth of bulk materials experience and insights into the intricacies and behaviors of every compound and material imaginable.

As an engineer and industrial inventor, Simon believes in getting to know a business from every angle, often from the belly of a hopper or a mountain of coal. He observes and draws ideas from nature and everyday objects: MiSlide was inspired by a simple matchbox mechanism; his fascination with natural design elements like the humble honeycomb, plus plant and animal features are an ongoing source of ideas and inspiration.

Simon works fast, visualizing solutions and has the ability to work up 20 prototypes in his head before beginning the design process.

He has a ‘whatever it takes’ belief to solve customer’s problems – a rarity in a highly competitive and moment by moment industry.

His award-winning innovation and expertise is behind every project we deliver.