Coffee – Joulie Groupe

Joulie Groupe is able to load 22 tons of coffee beans into a 20ft container in 10 minutes using their A-Ward container loader.

Location: Montpellier France
Equipment: 20ft Flat Deck Frame container loader
Industry: Food - Coffee


Joulie Groupe in France challenged A-Ward to supply a container loading solution to enable 20ft shipping containers to be loaded with coffee beans.Joulie Groupe is a transport and logistics company based in Montpellier France which is under contract from one of the world’s largest food producers.This particular project involved Joulie Group importing 20ft shipping containers filled with coffee beans.The shipping containers then had to be unloaded quickly and re-loaded into special 20ft shipping containers modified for storage.Joulie Groupe also has a large forklift available on site to shifting containers around.


A-Ward worked closely with French bulk material supplier LC Technologies to provide a complete solution for Joulie Groupe.A-Ward supplied a standard 20ft Flat Deck Frame container loader; which is specifically designed to enable container insertion from above using a forklift, crane or reach stacker.A-Ward also provided a number of accessories including digital scale, hands free remote control, access ladder and platform, hydraulic door opening and closing arms and an electric power pack.An elevator and auger was supplied by LC Technologies as part of this total solution.


Joulie Groupe is able to load 22 tons of coffee beans into a 20ft container in 10 minutes.By using a standard A-Ward container loader tilted to 90 degrees, Joulie Groupe is able to load maximum weight containers extremely quickly, eliminate spillage, maximize operator safety with the access ladder and platform and minimize labor involved with the process.The digital scale also enables the operators to know exactly how much weight is in each container at any time during the loading process.Automatic door closers enable safe container door closing at the push of a button.