Ball Mill Balls – Transmin

Transmin’s nickel processing customer eliminates all safety risks with their A-Ward ball mill ball container unloaders.

Location: Australia
Equipment: 20ft slightly-customized Flat Deck container unloaders
Industry: Mining - Steel Balls


A-Ward distribution partner Transmin challenged A-Ward to design and build four container unloaders that would enable a nickel mining customer to safely unload steel balls into their ball mills.A ball mill is a type of grinder that is used to grind and downsize mined materials such as copper, gold, iron ore and nickel.These container unloaders were required to receive full 20ft containers via large forklifts and tilt these containers to 20 degrees so that the 40mm and 70mm steel balls are unloaded into concrete storage hoppers.Transmin challenged A-Ward to supply a solution that would eliminate all operator safety risks and integrate seamlessly with their ball mills.


A-Ward supplied four slightly-customized Flat Deck container unloaders.These container unloaders were limited to 20 degrees due to the low angle requirement to shift steel balls (A-Ward’s standard container unloaders tilt to a maximum angle of 70 degrees).The tilt angle can also be locked at any stage for guaranteed stability.Other upgrades added for this project included a high-specification pebble grey paint finish, upgraded WEG electric motor with IP66 electrical rating and a safety sensor package to integrate with the end user’s PLC system.


Transmin’s nickel processing customer is able to eliminate all safety risks with their A-Ward ball mill container unloaders.By integrating A-Ward’s container unloaders with Transmin’s ball mill systems, the entire ball unloading and milling process becomes a totally enclosed, hands free and safe operation.Another major benefit is that mining customers reduce labour costs associated with less efficient container unloading systems.