Our Story

Beyond Innovation


A-Ward began by recognizing an unfilled need and invented a solution that would permanently change the game.

Our international business model has always been about solving practical problems while contributing to a clean and productive environment. We help organisations across multiple industries, improve their profitability and efficiencies by eliminating transportation waste.

Spanning over two decades, A-Wards innovation has seen the creation of a ground-breaking and award-winning suite of advanced technology which is used successfully in over 50 countries. 

Spanning over two decades, A-Ward has successfully produced a range of ground-breaking, award-winning technology. Our products have transformed the movement of goods across industries they perform in. In addition, their unique sustainable benefits have supported best environmental practises to meet new regulatory compliance.

We do this through ongoing customer engagement


A-Ward culture supports a mixture of intuitive thinking and robust academic research. This ethos, supports and leads our approach to planning, design and execution of new innovative products. A genuine curiosity means our team of engineers do not just conceive new ideas, but these become an organic response to problems associated with a changing global environment.

We are committed to staying informed on world events such as food and energy security and how  these impact our customers. This drives us to explore and create permanent solutions to upcoming problems, such as:

  • Unnecessary product packaging.
  • Inefficient transportation.
  • Food hygiene risk
  • Unsafe working environments
  • Impacts on organisation profitability
  • Maximizing the utilization of resources available.
  • Unsustainable energy use

We thrive on being able to help. A-Ward wants to ensure all our customers are happy. We know this has wide educational and social benefits to the communities our customers operate within. Our virtual platforms facilitate easy and timely worldwide communication for our customers engineering, training and installation requirements, through our international dealer portals.